Body Painting & Body Art throughout the North West

Body painting is one of the most intimate forms of human expression; the painted body is becoming more acceptable as a form of art.

As a body painter Janet finds this form of art a powerful visual way to advertise and promote company logos for corporate and promotional events, it’s almost guaranteed to attract attention!, Janet’s dedicated hard work has inspired her to attend body painting jams, body painting courses, body painting festivals. Janet’s first Welsh body painting festival won her the amateur category in 2009, since then I’ve painted models for a meet and greet gold night, Avatar, private night club Christmas party.

At Cases Faces we can cater for seasonal parties, UVA night club work, hand painted clothes, tribal and eye designs, car launches, shows and exhibitions.

Body painting is something Janet enjoys and has such great passion for, please take a look at Janet’s body painting gallery, click over an image below for examples of Janet’s body art work.

“Body painting is a living work of art”.

If you would like to hire Janet for body painting, please email or telephone we would love to hear from you.