Temporary Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos look stunning for any age group Ideal for children, teenagers, and adults too!

Glitter tattoos are a new idea perfect for hen parties, night clubs, children’s birthday parties, weddings, and christenings.

The selected stencil design is applied by body glue then glitter is applied on top, the glitter comes in a vast range of fantastic colours all glitter tattoos can be co-ordinated with your out- fit, there’s a design to suit every one.

Glitter tattoos can be applied as an eye design, on the shoulder, arms, lower back, wrist and ankles. Glitter tattoos last up to a couple of days depending on how you look after it.

Temporary Ink Tattoos

Temporary ink tattoos are applied by using a special tattoo dauber the special tattoo ink is applied in various colours on to the stencil, tattoo designs will be applied with or without glitter the stencil is then removed.


We have a wide selection of designs, Tribal Creatures, Butterflies, Roses, Sea Life, Wild Animals, and Sports. Ideal for Children, teenagers and adults too!

Removable Temporary Tattoos

Boys and girls love these “even the grown up kids”!

We have a wide selection for all age groups: My little ponies, Fairies and Mythical, Butterflies, Dolphins, Flowers, Wild Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, Heroes, Thomas Tank, Cars and Motor Bikes, and many more.

Air Brush Tattoos

Air brush tattoos are ideal for children and adults, tattoos are applied with an air brush on to a stencil, lasting up to several days, “fantastic quick results”! Ideal for festivals, night clubs, corporate events All materials are completely safe and comply with FDA European and United States requirements for safety.

All Tattoos can be booked as a one off or combine with one of our other services, throughout the North West, Lancashire, Cheshire, Wirral, Liverpool, North Wales, and surrounding areas.

“We are here to help and advise”! Please email or telephone between 9am and 9pm we would love to hear from you.